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March 8, 2017

Women in Negotiation for International Women’s Day

Wednesday, March 8th is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is “Be Bold for Change.”

In thinking about the heightened awareness on women’s rights and the roles women play in the corporate world, we believe that women will be required —more than ever— to be bold in their negotiations. When it comes to salaries, corporate contracts, or even new government policies, women are strong negotiators and have a knack for creating mutually beneficial deals.

In observation of International Women’s Day, Scotwork invites you to join us for a free 30-minute webinar, “Women in Negotiations,” on March 8th, hosted by Jill Campen and Violaine Galland. They will be sharing their insights from decades of negotiating experience, including:

  • Understanding gender differences in negotiating
  • How to Be Bold while negotiating
  • How to prepare for any type of negotiation
  • How to get what you want without having to say “no”


February and March 2017

Presenting to Vistage Groups on EPIC Service

The Campen Group’s Founder, Jill Campen, is presenting on EPIC Service to three Ohio-based Vistage groups throughout the months of February and March.

What is EPIC Service?
Moving from excellent to EPIC service entails much more than smiling faces and simple courtesies like “please” and “thank you.” EPIC service is created through a relentless focus on standards and behaviors that depict your culture during every single encounter. It can’t be dependent on “who you get.” Every individual in your organization is capable of providing repeatable and sustainable service excellence in every interaction.

EPIC stands for:
Engage: Create loyalty with employees and customers by aligning your leadership expectations.
Prepare: Define service standards and processes that create the foundation of your success.
Ignite: Get their passion into action—empower them to do the right things.
Connect: Daily dialogue with staff and customers creates the loyalty that you strive to achieve.

Learn more about EPIC Service here.

February 15, 2017

Helping Others Through Change

with The Licking County Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Group

On Wednesday, February 15th, at the Licking County Chamber HR Group luncheon, The Campen Group shared specific tools and models that can be used to aid others through change. These tools and models can have a significant impact on the speed and success of an organization’s change initiatives.

Change initiatives permeate every organization. Whether its technology, products, service or human capital, we all experience change on a daily basis. Those who participated in our training left with a clear vision of the changes in their path and a roadmap of questions and processes to use in helping others through change.


  • Understand the components of change and the implications of lack of clarity
  • Design change messages that help others through the change
  • Conduct a change assessment for a current initiative
  • Define future change information-gathering processes for smoother implementation

October 2016

Follow-up on Licking County Workforce Summit action teams

At the August 2016 Licking County Workforce Summit, community action teams were created for educators and business professionals to work collaboratively on priority topics for Licking County over the coming year. These topics include mentorship, collaboration and innovation, social skills, and other areas to help get students career-ready. These action teams will strengthen the partnerships between educators and the business community and help provide better mentorship opportunities for students in Licking County.

In association with the Central Ohio Technical College, we have created a website where action teams will be posting their activities on these topics throughout the year. View the website here, and stay tuned as the site is updated.


August 2016

The Licking County Workforce Summit was a success!

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s Licking County Workforce Summit, “Licking County Connects.” Jill Campen was a facilitator for this event, which brought together educators and professionals from business and industry to better prepare students for the workforce. We will post updates about program outcomes shortly.  Learn more about the program here.


May 2016

We’ve launched our e-Newsletter!

Our first edition of The Campen Group quarterly eNewsletter has been deployed. View it and subscribe here.


May 4, 2016

New Article from Jill Campen:

Why Being EPIC Should Be Your Success Metric

I define success by EPIC standards. EPIC is an acronym I use to refer to standards of service excellence in my work. It also works as a ruler for personal excellence. Same concept, slightly different inventory process. It stands for Engage, Prepare, Ignite, Connect.


March 2016

Here’s what The Campen Group has been doing in March:

  • Leadership curriculum in higher education
  • Coaching in the energy and banking sectors
  • Developing culture change initiatives in manufacturing and healthcare environments
  • Customer service process in the hospice environment
  • Negotiation program development in the travel and sporting goods industries

March 15, 2016

New Article from Jill Campen:

The Road to Employee Engagement is Paved with 1:1 Meetings

How do you build employee loyalty? Through engagement between two people.

How exactly does that engagement happen? It happens the old-fashioned way, by investing the time it takes to create a genuine relationship between two people. There is no shortcut leading to the same outcome.


March 18, 2016

Future Event Alert: Workforce Summit

On Friday, March 18, 2016, Jill Campen, Principal of Campen Group, Inc., met with Licking County Superintendents and local business leaders for a breakfast meeting to discuss plans for a Workforce Summit in August of 2016.  Jill is facilitating the upcoming summit, which has as its mission: “To create an unmatched collaboration between businesses and educators in Licking County.” We will share additional information about this event as it becomes available.

March 11, 2016

Presenter, Licking County Leadership Program

On Friday, March 11, 2016, Jill Campen, Principal of Campen Group, Inc., gave a presentation on the topic of “Becoming an EPIC Version of Yourself” to participants in the Licking County Leadership Program. The topic was designed to help rising leaders realize the example they set by engaging in their career development, by building relationships in their community, and by asking for what they need to continue to learn and grow. The Licking County Leadership Program is a year-long program to help budding local leaders develop their leadership qualities, network with other leaders, and learn about the community. It is offered through the Chamber of Commerce, by application only. Started in 1982, the program has produced over 800 community leaders through the years. Each May the program accepts a new cohort of 25 participants.

February 18, 2016

Speaker, Licking County Chamber of Commerce

On Thursday, February 18, 2016, Jill Campen, Principal of Campen Group, Inc., delivered a speech on “Effective Coaching! The Secret Sauce of Effective Leaders” to several dozen attendees, including HR professionals and local business leaders affiliated with the Licking County Chamber of Commerce’s Safety Council/HRMA Group. The presentation focused on how to make coaching effective through Mindset, Skillset, and measurable Outcomes. Participants learned the components of mindset in coaching (to think differently), how to design powerful coaching questions (and stop giving answers), how to realize the skill set components for improved behavior (to act differently), and how to define measurable results for coaching outcomes. In sum, everything that makes one differ from those who just call themselves a coach. The difference is effectiveness.


February 12, 2016

Facilitator, Women in Non-Profit Leadership

Jill Campen, Principal of Campen Group, Inc., facilitated the Friday, February 12th, 2016 meeting of Women in Non-Profit Leadership. The overall purpose of this group is to synergize and create loyalty in the community. The topics in this monthly meeting vary, but they all focus on the business and personal challenges faced by executive women. The group works together to build a stronger community of leaders through collaboration, communication and support for one another. Campen has previously facilitated multiple topics for this Licking County-based group, which assigns facilitators on a rotating basis. Women in Non-Profit Leadership is a closed group of 18 executive directors, open to new members by invitation only.

Fall 2015- Spring 2016

Trainer, Licking County Chamber of Commerce 4-part Leadership Series

The Campen Group, Inc. partnered with the Licking County Chamber of Commerce to offer a 4-part Leadership  Skills series. The first class, on September 11, 2015, addressed Situational Leadership Concepts (SLII), a leadership model designed by Ken Blanchard. The second class, on October 30, 2015, addressed Communication Styles and Leadership Effectiveness. The third class, on January 8, 2016, addressed Giving Feedback. The final class on March 4, 2016, addressed Handling Conflict.  Participants included two dozen local business leaders. Get additional information about the course content here. Each class was four hours long. This series was also offered in Fall 2014-Spring 2015.