Service Excellence

Customers are people, and people are emotional by nature. We don’t need research to tell us that. But research does tell us that emotional factors drive purchasing decisions six times more than rational factors. In other words, connecting with your customers on an emotional level is the key to establishing a lasting relationship.

Making that connection comes down to excellent service. Which is where our EPIC™ training process comes in: Focusing on the standards and behaviors that define your culture, EPIC is your tool kit to maximize customer loyalty by ensuring that everyone in your organization provides excellent service in every interaction.

EPIC Customer Service: ConnectENGAGE

Tap into the passions of your staff and customers, creating authentic engagement in every encounter.



Epic Customer Service: PreparePREPARE

Establish service standards, then create the appropriate systems and processes.


EPIC Customer Service: IgniteIGNITE

Involve the strengths of each service provider and practice a 4-step service recovery process.


EPIC Customer Service: ConnectCONNECT

Understand the factors that impact perception and identify service improvement targets.


EPIC Customer Service Excellence

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