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Customer loyalty for your organization.

Employee loyalty for leaders

How We Build Loyalty


Loyalty begins with leadership. Do your leaders consistently demonstrate behaviors that build loyalty? Leaders create loyal team members by providing a consistent target of what success looks like and by engaging in the right leadership behaviors to develop talent. We partner with you to align leaders around a clear vision of success that they can share and reinforce with each individual on their teams. Read more about engaged leadership.

Service Excellence

Excellent service is more than just a smiling face or a simple “please” or “thank you.” It’s about a relentless focus on standards and behaviors that depict your culture in every encounter. Our EPIC customer service training is your tool kit to ensure customer loyalty by making certain that everyone in your organization provides excellent service in every interaction. Click to learn more about EPIC Customer Service.

Executive Coaching

Individual development requires a deep understanding of self, a desire to grow, and ongoing feedback. We use trusted leadership assessments to define your leadership style, partner with you to identify areas of focus, and design a coaching relationship that ensures you are making the mindset and skill set adjustments that best support your development goals. More about how we can help you with coaching.


A company’s culture comes to life through the behaviors of its people, day in and day out. The Campen Group will partner with you to fine-tune your vision, mission, strategies, and tactics in order to support decision-making and guide how people interact with one another—and with your customers. Learn more about evolving company culture.



  • ICF Associate Certified Coach

    The Gold Standard in Coaching

  • Situational Leadership® II with the Ken Blanchard companies

    A proven, time-tested leadership model

  • Advancing Negotiation Skills with Scotwork

    The world authority on negotiation skills training

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  • “Jill has exceptional skills in designing solutions for a multitude of business needs. She designed training and facilitated major changes for my team. She helped us equip and educate 750 employees for the opening of several new venues in sales and customer service. I consider her an expert in facilitation, coaching and relationship building. She is a person of integrity and works diligently to help others succeed and prosper.”

    — Mary Kaufmann, Chief Learning Officer

  • “Jill is a master facilitator in her ability to listen, engage and captivate training participants. She has a way that’s hard to articulate — you just have to experience her style of facilitation. She is also able to transfer these unique skill sets to project management and models the old adage, “Listen, then lead.” Jill completely understands the power behind guiding a team down a path to discover solutions they already know, but could never get to without her involvement.”

    — Joan Franks, Vice President, Human Resources

  • “Jill has become our go-to person for support on change management with a culture focus. She has worked at every level of the college from our senior leadership team to entry level staff. She has a unique ability to understand the complexity and culture of a particular organization and to work with the organization to craft programs that are specific to our challenges. She has been effective for us on topics as a wide as leadership coaching, values developing, and relationship and team building. Jill is smart, forward-looking, engaging and fun. She is somebody I have come to trust and depend upon.”

    — Adam Weinberg, President, Denison University

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