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At Campen Group, we know that leaders are concerned about the loyalty of their teams and customers. We work with you to develop customized tools that create and sustain loyalty, engaging your staff and customers to drive the growth of your organization.

About Jill

“I’m on a lifelong journey of learning. I learn from every person and every company I encounter — and it takes me and them to the next level of changing the world!” Spend some time around Jill, and you’ll soon discover that her energy is contagious. It’s the engine driving her more than 20 years in negotiation and sales strategies, leadership and cultural transformation. By her estimation, since founding the Campen Group in 1996, she’s worked with upwards of 15,000 professionals around the globe — at organizations ranging from Microsoft to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, from Tupperware to Disney — transforming lives using a mixture of one part psychology, one part business strategy. It’s a recipe she first developed via her bachelor’s degree in just those disciplines from UCLA, before moving on to UC Santa Cruz, where she received her Certified Training and Development Professional credential.

Jill is a traveler, a seeker. Her journey has taken her from Ohio to Los Angeles, Monterey, San Diego, Seattle, with a dozen stops in between. So, why did she choose Greenville, South Carolina, where she now resides with her husband and son? “I’m an outdoor enthusiast! My husband and I travel the globe looking for hard-climbing road-bike rides and swooping mountain-bike trails with breathtaking vistas.”

As it turns out, Greenville is packed with some serious climbs and downhills. Being close to the Blue Ridge Mountains doesn’t hurt. Then again, neither does having a healthy appetite, which brings to mind one of her favorite rides of all: The Bakery Ride along the Greenville Watershed, which features a sticky-buns stop at a well-known bakery along the peak. “How can you go wrong with a ride called The Bakery Ride?” she asks. “We ride because we love to eat!”

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