People are saying great things about The Campen Group. Read some quotes form our clients:

Jill Campen is bright, energetic, relentlessly positive and delightfully creative. She quickly grasps the essence of situations, harnessing her imagination and common sense to great effect when developing possible solutions. She is a go-to ally.
David Trautman, Bank President
Jill has become our go-to person for support on change management with a culture focus. She has worked at every level of the college from our senior leadership team to entry level staff. She has a unique ability to understand the complexity and culture of a particular organization and to work with the organization to craft programs that are specific to our challenges. She has been effective for us on topics as a wide as leadership coaching, values developing, and relationship and team building. Jill is smart, forward-looking, engaging and fun. She is somebody I have come to trust and depend upon.
Adam Weinberg, President, Denison University
Jill is a master facilitator in her ability to listen, engage and captivate training participants. She has a way that’s hard to articulate — you just have to experience her style of facilitation. She is also able to transfer these unique skill sets to project management and models the old adage, “Listen, then lead.” Jill completely understands the power behind guiding a team down a path to discover solutions they already know, but could never get to without her involvement.
Joan Franks, Vice President, Human Resources
I have had the opportunity to work with Jill on several projects over multiple years. Whether we were working on a customer service culture, the Innovation Think Tank, or principal coaching and team building, Jill brings a wonderful combination of enthusiasm, optimism, and knowledge to the table. One of her characteristics I admire most is her ability to listen and understand the current needs within the school district and her ability to adapt her assistance to meet our needs.
Phil Herman, Superintendent, Hudson City Schools
Leading a high performing sales team in a large company can offer some challenges that only an outside mind can help solve or offer solutions. Jill worked with me through several sales performance initiatives. As a result of our sessions, I was able to formulate a roadmap for my team that proved to drive results. Jill’s ability to listen and share ideas from an academic, as well as real life experience, was critical to our success.
National Director of Sales, Hospitality Industry
Jill Campen has proven time and time again to be one of the most positive, energetic and effective job coaches and motivational speakers that I have had the privilege of working with. I have utilized Jill on numerous occasions for everything from Leadership, Customer Service, and as my executive job coach. From our initial consultation, I knew that she was going to be able to build my confidence and provide the encouragement and motivation that I needed to attain my dream job. She helped me focus on my strengths and assisted with building an impeccable resume. Sometimes you just need someone to ask you the right questions to make you believe in yourself. She did just that!
Cyndi Schmitt; Director; Transportation, Facilities, and Banquet Services; Licking County Aging Program
If you are looking for a fun, creative, and smart sales trainer for your team, Jill Campen delivers. Jill was our sales trainer on several occasions where she produced relevant account management training in an atmosphere that was collaborative, engaging, and most importantly memorable. Jill cares about her “students” and it is not unusual for Jill to take the time post training to reconnect with her class/customers to make sure the material is alive and in action outside the classroom. Finally, Jill listens and seeks feedback to make sure her partners are receiving the training they were looking for from her. She is able to adjust quickly and respond to ensure the class is a success.
Jamie Murdock, Senior National Sales Director, The Walt Disney Company
Jill has exceptional skills in designing solutions for a multitude of business needs. She designed training and facilitated major changes for my team. She helped us equip and educate 750 employees for the opening of several new venues in sales and customer service. I consider her an expert in facilitation, coaching and relationship building. She is a person of integrity and works diligently to help others succeed and prosper.
Mary Kaufmann, Chief Learning Officer